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Learn the qur'an anywhere with ease and complete starting from the basics and various other features

Learning to read the Qur'an anywhere is easy and complete with 100+ learning materials equipped with Artificial Intelligence.


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Why Qara'a?

Al-Qur'an learning application specifically designed to make it easier for you to learn from anywhere.

Learn the qur'an anywhere with ease and complete starting from the basics and various other features

Complete Material

Starting from the introduction of letters to the deepening of tajwid is available here.

Reading Correction

Your Qur'an pronunciation will be corrected by Artificial Intelligence in Real Time

Competent Ustadz

Submit your pronunciation to the ustadz directly and get feedback within 1x24 hours

Free features

Free features


Complete with display of words to manuscripts as well as interpretations and asbabun nuzul


Calm the heart and soul by always remembering Allah

Stories of 25 prophets

Take lessons in every story of the prophets and the messenger


Find Qibla direction from anywhere you travel


Looking back at yourself with reflection

More than 100 Materials

Complete learning materials from Tilawah, Tahsin, to Tahfidz in one app that is equipped with audio and video to facilitate learning the Qur'an.

Featured Features

Correct your Qur'an reading with Artificial Intelligence

Still embarrassed to meet the ustadz? try to test your pronunciation with AI technology in Qara'a

When else can you easily correct your reading anywhere and anytime



Click and Speak

Try the feature of checking the Al-Qur'an pronunciation directly with AI technology in Qara'a

Say The Following Letters

أَرُونِى مَاذَاخَلَقُواْ

arūnī māżā khalaqū

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